15 Minute Tone Your Arms Workout - 팔뚝살 신나고 쉽게 빼기! No Equipment & Quick!

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Hello, subscribers of (Healthy Workout Lab) Blesslife! Today, the spring is coming in no time and we still have hidden fats here, right? Let's bust those overloaded fats over armpits, forearms, the back and shape them smoothly. All together, like ladies in 40's, 50's, 60's, and all of you who have round shoulders, come and join me! If you try these routines only for a week, your shoulders would be stretched straight and the fat around your arms will be smoothly flat.

희정엄마와 함께 고민되는 팔뚝살, 겨드랑이살, 등살, 옆구리살 까지 신나게 빼기!! 누구나 할 수 있게 쉽게 만들었어요 ^^ 항상 운동 전 스트레칭 충분히 해주고 운동 시작하세요!

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